MIS Homework 1r

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QSet1.1- Week 1&2

1. What are data, information and knowledge? Provide an example of transformation of data to knowledge using as an example the Accounts Receivable (AC) in the accounting department or personnel data in the HR department.
Data: Consist of raw facts, such as an employee number, total hours worked in a week, inventory part numbers, or sales order.
Example: Calculations, For example: a compilation of sales invoices at the end of the day and see the numbers, types and sizes of goods sold.
Information: A collection of facts organized and processed so that they have additional value beyond the value of the individual
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Using Articles to Solve Cases
Salesforce Knowledge and cases combine to provide a powerful customer support tool. To search the knowledge base directly from a case and attach related articles to the case for convenient reference, add the Articles related list to case page layouts. When closing a case, support agents can easily create a new article to capture important information and help solve future cases more quickly.
Searching for Articles
Finding articles in Salesforce Knowledge is quick and easy. Enter a search term on the Articles tab to initiate a full-text search of the knowledge base and narrow your search by selecting specific article types and categories. When the beta version of search spell correction is enabled, the system searches and retrieves alternate spellings for English search terms. You can filter search results by language, validation status, and category and sort the list view according to several criteria such as highest-rated or most-viewed. On the Article Management tab you can search for a specific article within the chosen list view. The Article Search component allows you to search for articles from the Home tab.

Rating Articles
Internal app, Customer Portal, and partner portal users can rate articles on a scale of 1 to 5 stars and view the average rating for an article. Average ratings are