M3.13 Assignment

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Work based assignment – M3.13 Developing yourself and others

Analysis of development needs and learning styles

I decided to complete a development needs analysis to identify any development that would enable me to upskill and improve on my current skills and abilities. I completed this in the form of a S.W.O.T analysis. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).

It took me a while to consider my Strengths and Weaknesses and I found it useful to look over my job description to help me with this. On consideration I feel my strengths are good
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In order to consider this, I referred back to my S.W.O.T as I’d completed the ‘threats’ section of this document.

The main barrier I can foresee when looking at my development areas is time as I would need to attend significant training in order to gain a qualification and to look at my daily work tasks and consider how I can organise my time more effectively. Also, the constraints of my job and the ever-increasing workload could mean that even if I organise my workload, I could find myself struggling to manage the new duties and responsibilities given to me. The fact that I am part-time is always a problem as I feel this is not considered when I’m being given extra duties. To combat this I could ensure that I speak to my line manager to convey my concerns to see if I could get some back up support should the need arise.

Another barrier could be issues from my personal life as I have a small child that I care for when I am not working. I would need to ensure that I could facilitate childcare that is suitable for my needs whilst I attended a teacher training course. This could prove problematic. There is also the chance that I could miss some of the training if my childcare was unavailable for whatever reason. To rectify this I would need to ensure I had reliable childcare sorted in good time to ensure I was able to attend training.

My colleauges’ ‘threats’ showed that she too needed to find time to