System Build Project Management Info Systems

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System Build Project

Management Info Systems
Professor Hammett

Kohl’s is a former employer of mine, for which I have designed a system of organization to better help them with their inventory management. The problem Kohl’s is having lies in the back overstock rooms. There are so many products stocked back there, it can be very tough some days to help a customer find what they are looking for. Also, the other problem is that the employee does not know if the product is in the back room before even spending the time looking. The issue at hand is Kohl’s wants the customers to have a happy experience shopping and hopefully come back again. If the customer can’t find what they came into find, or have to wait for long periods of time
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A compatibility issue that could occur with the current inventory system would be making sure inventory counts stay up to date and accurate at all times, including busy seasons when the system will be working harder. It’s important to keep Kohl’s staff and managers feeling assured they are giving their customers accurate answers whether their product is in or is sold out. Another issue the new system will face is making sure there is enough room to store all of the selling, purchasing and shipping files Kohl’s will need to keep on file. The new system will also need to be safe and secure so Kohl’s is rest assured their information is protected.
To explore various decision-making support models, the new system would come with optional system functions to choose from and test before finalizing the new system. The new inventory management system would need to suite all of Kohl’s needs and also benefit the customer. Kohl’s will need to have options for this to happen so they are completely satisfied. In the model, inventory control is the top concern; in the four corners are the important factors to make sure this concern is taken care of.

An advantage of the data used in the decision-making support model is that is can help Kohl’s get the most out of the system and make sure all of their needs are covered. Task Allocation refers to the way that tasks are chosen, assigned, subdivided, and coordinated.


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