Competition in the Australian Banking Industry

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Competition in the Australian Banking Industry

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1. Introduction-----------------------------------------------------------------5 1.1 Australian Banking Industry 1.1.1 Major Banks / Four Pillars 1.1.2 Regional Banks, Credit Unions & Building Societies 1.1.3 Foreign Banks 1.2 Competition in the Australian Banking Industry

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Any proposed foreign takeover or acquisition of an Australian bank will be considered on a case-by-case basis and judged on its merits.
There are a number of foreign subsidiary banks, however only a few have a retail banking presence; HSBC Bank Australia, Bank of Cyprus Australia Limited, Beirut Hellenic Bank and Citibank Australia have a small number of branches.
Foreign banks have a more significant presence in the Australian merchant-banking sector (Australian Bankers’ Association, 2011).

1.2 Competition in the Australian Banking Industry: Four Pillars Policy & the ACCC

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission(ACCC) is the competition regulator that promotes competition and fair trade in markets to benefit consumers, businesses, and the community (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, n.d.)

The Four Pillars Policy is an Australian Government Policy that supports competition by preventing mergers between the major four banks, at the same time preventing foreign bank takeovers (Australian Bankers’ Association, 2011).

Australian Treasurer Wayne Swan strongly supports this policy, stating that it was “the cornerstone of a financial and banking system that was one of the very best in the world.” (The Daily Telegraph, 2012).

According to Durie & Gluyas (2009), Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chief Graeme Samuel further reinforces the merits of this policy and


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