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Lyt2 - Simple Getaways


Due to several years of growth, Simple Getaways, Inc. (SGI) has expanded from a single California office to twelve offices distributed throughout the western United States with approximately 270 employees. Methods of communication and data storage that are currently being used were adequate for a single office but are no longer sufficient to meet the needs of Simple Getaways, Inc. This proposal will address the requirements for file storage and management, collaborative communication, information sharing within and between offices and the automation of administrative workflow.


The processes currently being used at Simple Getaways for communication and the
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Documents can be modified by more than one employee at the same time, allowing for a collaborative work effort on team projects. Documents will no longer need to be emailed between employees in order to share information. When a document is modified or replaced, the previous document is also saved as an older version. Simply opening a document will always provide the end-user with the most current document, but they have menu options allowing for the opening an older version of the same document. This allows a decision maker to view the history of a document and understand the progression that led to its current state. Employees may keep documents in the “My Documents” area of TeamLab Office if they wish to keep them private. They also have the ability to “Share” documents with other SGI employees or individuals from outside the company. Documents that need to be accessed by the entire company will be stored in the “Common Documents” area. Management at SGI can assign users and groups various permissions to the common documents, such as read-only, full control or deny access.

For the purpose of this proposal, a sample site has been established to further demonstrate the features of TeamLab Office. Several example documents and templates have been made available on the demonstration website. The site can be accessed with the following information:

Web URL: (“TeamLab Office”, 2013)