LIS2780 Assignments Spring15 2

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NB: BE SURE TO READ Assignment_Guidelines.pdf before submitting your work.
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Assignment 1
a. Ch. 1: Review Questions (RQ) 1 - 11
b. Ch. 2: RQs 1 – 9, 10, 11 and Problems #1 and 2 (include all attributes).

SQL Statements for A1 (premiere)

i. List all the contents (rows or records) of the PART table. ii. Create an alias for an attribute name. iii. List the part number, part description, and part price from the PART table in ascending order by part price. iv. Remove one or all records from the ORDERS table;
v. Update one customer’s first name, and their associated
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i. List all employees’ first and last names, and full addresses: ii. List all division IDs, names, e-mail addresses, and URLs: iii. List all project IDs, names, as well as their respective start and end times: iv. Remove the second and fourth assignments; after which, display the assignment IDs to verify that they have been removed.
v. Update employee ID #2’s first and last names to “John Doe.” Display employee ID #2’s first and last names to verify that it has been updated. vi. Add two new projects, using only one SQL statement (include attributes). Then, display only the project IDs and names to verify that two records have been added.

Assignment 4

4. Ch. 5: RQs 1 – 16, and Problem 1 (Must forward-engineer):
Note: Ch5P1 *must* include all attributes, and at least 5 “unique” records per table

SQL Statements for A4 (premiere)
Must include query result sets!

i. List the largest customer balance, use alias, “largest balance.” ii. List the average part price, rounded to two decimal places, use alias, “average price.” iii. List all part numbers, descriptions, and part prices (rounded to two decimal places) for parts priced between $30 and $300, inclusive. iv. Remove order numbers between 12491 and 12498, inclusive, in one statement;
v. Update all customers’ credit limits to $2000, for