Lupe Fiasco’s Modern Voice

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History has constantly brought upon leaders and individuals who stands up against the corrupt society he and many others face. Those “leaders” express their profound thoughts for both him and the many others that are too afraid to speak out. One of the most notorious writers in American history and is known for his transcendental ideals. However, today’s society lacks individuals who parallels with Whitman. Lupe Fiasco represents the Modern American voice speaking out against the degrading world society and does so by influencing the public through their appeal of music. He rejects and contrasts from the negative influences of the world and uses his music to contradict those who degrade our society. Born in the west side of Chicago …show more content…

However, by acting through freewill, one is able to remove the burden that is placed upon you and therefore improving the “fluency between the lashes of your eyes and in every motion and joint of your body."(Leaves of Summer, Preface cont.)
In their writing, Whitman and Fiasco use current events to influence their ideas and style of writing. Walt Whitman, commonly talks about the horrors and experiences in the Civil War, partaking in the fight for the abolishment of slavery. He uses his personal experience to demonstrate to the audience the realist negativity of society. Whitman uses imagery and portrays the exaltations of “…Battles, the horrors of fratricidal war, the fever of doubtful news/ the fitful event/ These come to me days and nights and go from me again…” (Poem 4, Songs of Myself). His reference to war and desolate diction strongly displays one of Whitman’s main influences in writing, which is his experience in the war. He implies how he is constantly haunted by the dreams and visions of the past. Whitman denotes the effects of the Civil War and the negativity it brought upon the American society. The use of realist ideas in his writing helps denote and reinforce his ideals toward the audience because of the crushed dreams and hopes the war brings upon many individuals. His emotional appeal through the use of realist ideas is similarly shown in Lupe Fiasco lyrics. Like Whitman, Fiasco refers to the ideas and events that occur around him. By