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SSA2211 Revision Notes

Chapter 2 – In the Beginning – The Lion City
2 different recounts of the birth of Singapore

Who / Year
How it started
When the reign ended
Why he left
Sejarah Melayu
Seri Teri Buana, Prince of Palembang / 1299
Decided to stay after he saw the merlion and renamed Temasek as Singapura
After 5 generations / 1396
Last king, Iskandar Shah betrayed by his official who opened the gates for invading Javanese forces
Portuguese recounts
Parameswara, Prince of Palembang / 1392
Fled Majapahit forces despatched to crush the rebellion he staged
After 4 years / 1396
Assassinated host who welcomed him. Fled the ensuing Thai forces set to avenge for the dead ruler

Accounts on the birth of Singapura
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How did it looked like
Artisan Quarters
Lower east slope of hill is the artisan and servants quarters; high concentration of glass fragments, beads, ceramic moulds suggest glass- and jewellery-making
Religious site
Higher up east slope, lies remains of a building foundation of religious significance; non-perishable materials were used for the construction
Royal abode
On the northern slope near the summit of the hill was an impressive terrace site likely used to house the ruling family
Restricted Space
Royal garden and palace on the hill’s eastern and northern slope were inaccessible to commoners due to salt marches to the west and forest up north
Boundaries / Defence
The royal residency is likely to have a perimeter defence and there is likely to have spatial demarcation to mark out the functions of the spaces
Archaeological findings in new Parliament House, Empress Place, Colombo Court Site, Singapore Cricket Club and St. Andrew’s Cathedral revealed:
Water containers and cooking pots were mostly made in Singapore.
Coarse Stoneware Ceramics
Storage jars and bottles were entirely imported from aboard. Most