Hatfield and McCoy feud

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How did the feud start, and why did it have such an impact throughout America? First and foremost I must say with being related to the McCoy family through marriage on my mother's side is both a thrilling and interesting experience that does come with more history behind it than most can ever imagine. Though it wasn't until two years ago that I learned about this fact, while I was looking through old family pictures and was asking different questions about my heritage my mother led to tell me about my family history which has both negative and positive attributes in it. To learn more about the feud from of both families, and get closer to the truth of the feud than the history channel would ever give, my search landed me unto a …show more content…

Anse and Vicey were both ashamed and embarrassed for the wrong doing that has put upon the young Roseanna by their son and completely understood for the way any of the McCoy men reacted the way they did for they had daughters of their own to protect. Anse was not about to harm or kill any McCoy for putting harm on or even killing his son Johnse because he knew if Roseanna was his own daughter he would have taken similar to exact actions. Though one day at a local fair gathering Anse's younger brother Ellison was slaughtered in cold blood by a drunkard McCoy whom was willing to get revenge for the shame that has been brought upon his sister and entire family whether it was Johnse or another Hatfield. Anse lost all of his respect for any McCoy vowed to protect the rest of his family and get vengeance upon the McCoy men whom of which killed his brother. Every leap or strategic move the McCoy men made to take their vengeance on Johnse was cut off and disabled by Anse and many of the Hatfield men. Meanwhile a year later it is said that Roseanna and Johnse's baby girl died from typhoid fever, breaking Roseanna's already weakened heart feeling lost, alone, and like there is nothing left to live for since her family still resents her. Alone she picked out her young babe's casket and even with all of the begging and pleading in the world to allow Roseanna to bury