Limiting the Use of Technology

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Limit The Use of Technology Over the past several years’ technology has advanced significantly. Nowadays most everything we use is done by some form of technology. Several years ago, we didn’t even have cellphones or the Internet, now we have cellphones that can access the Internet. This generation has become so dependent with technology that it is actually beginning to harm most us, not help us. So this leads us to believe one should limit his or her use of technology because it could cause addiction, loss of time management, and invaded privacy. Technologies, such as cellphones, Internet, and video games have lead many to be addicted. Because we use cellphones everyday we become dependent on them and use them constantly. Now, when …show more content…
Time management is one of the biggest problems we face when technology is in our day-to-day focus and priority. We also tend to stay inside all day on the Internet or playing video games, and this consumes all the time we could be using for outdoor exercise and fitness. People can become sick because they are not getting enough exercise through out the day; they become lazy and procrastinate. Staring at a screen is not healthy for your body mentally and physically; it affects your brain and your physical well-being. When our brain absorbs too much ultra violet rays it actually affects our imagination and thought process, and when we sit in front of a screen for a certain amount of time we can actually gain wait and become unhealthy. This is second reason as to why we should limit our use of technologies; they can easily become our number one priorities in life and can ruin a possible future or career. Lastly, since technology has advanced within the last couple of years it has become less private. The more time you put into updating statuses, uploading pictures, and talking to people on line, the more of your personal life will appear all over the world wide web. Every little thing we do online has become less and less safe and private, when we spend so much time on the computer we could end up putting material up we never intended everyone in the world to see. When we spend too much time on sites such as


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