Economics in My Life

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Economics in My Life
When I was first given this assignment I was extremely perplexed at how I would even begin to finish it. I had no idea how economics related to my life in anyway. I hadn’t thought about it critically and I struggling terribly. Thanks to some much needed help from a fellow classmate, he allowed me to get an idea of things from his own essay. After reading not one, but two other essays, I was so surprised at how oblivious I had been. I never realized that just about everything that goes on in my daily life is, in fact, economics. I never realized that from the things I buy to the money I earn from working is all economics. The things I miss out of while working or going to school is a complete opportunity cost. Or even
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Like our economy, I am aware that if we don’t help out, i.e. with our taxes, we won’t have a good economy. When I first filled my taxes on my own with turbo tax it said that I owed over six hundred dollars in just federal taxes and then another two hundred in state taxes. It wasn’t until then that I would have thought I would be that person who excessively complains about taxes. I wanted a better economy sure, but there really wasn’t any way I could pay for that. I was so use to seeing all my friends get big checks in the mail and in no way was I expecting to even pay a penny. Thankfully, after getting a second opinion I was reassured to find out that I did not owe any money and I would actually be receiving money instead. Taxes are tricky when it actually comes down to you. In some sense I would have eventually been ok with paying taxes but at the time I certainly was not and it definitely took some talking down. At the state at which the economy is in right now, as bad as it sounds, thank god for Toyotas mistakes! Of course I’m not talking about the people injured by their carelessness but how scared just about every American is of them right now. I know that even when I’m driving on the road, if I even see a Toyota I get away from it. I am not going to be part in the possible wreck that could take place. Anyway, because of their mishap, and the huge increase in American cars produced, Americans are starting to regain interest in American dealers. I


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