Legacy/Children of Alumni Assignment

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Legacy/Children of Alumni Assignment
6th edition

Read Chapter 9a.

Answer questions 1-8 below in number format (not essay) on “ONE MORE TIME” Legacies/Children of Alumni on p. 403. To make sure you have the correct essay, it begins with “I know a lot of people who whine and complain about the children of alumni…..”

Note: Do NOT answer the questions on any other story or a zero will be given.

1. What’s the issue at hand (question at issue)? • The issue at hand is that people are complaining about children of the alumni’s having easier times getting into Cromwell. • Why not add alumni children to the list of favorable treatment in admission process?

2. Is it significant?
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Is the language that is being used loaded or slanted in any way? (at least 3 +) • The words like whine and complain are very strong words that may be defensive to parent that are not alumni’s of the school. They want their children to get the same opportunity that the alumni’s children receive. • The statements that state, “ besides if your parents graduated from Cromwell , that means that they must have been smart, which means you are smart to, so you deserve a greater chance of admission to the college.” Not only are alumni’s students smart, the regular students are also, So it was a vague statement about the general population of the student body. • The statement, “they probably have higher retention rates…”, this statement is saying that just because they are alumni’s children they will not leave the school because of their parents contribution.

7. Are there any logical fallacies (pp. 394-397) in the argument? (you need to find at least 6+ fallacies). You need to identify which sentences in the story are fallacies and specify which fallacy (or fallacies) they violate. For example:

“If we cut down on the number of legacy admissions, what would happen to the college budget? We s might not even be able to keep things running!” Slippery Slope • Kevin stated that “as long as you do the work , showing up for class should be irrelevant.” Showing up for class is a must to learn the material and


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