Late Adulthood and Death Paper

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Late Adulthood and Death Paper
July 19, 2011

Late Adulthood and Death Paper
Analyzing late adulthood and the death of an individual as a culmination of the life span development process one must understand late adulthood consists of. This paper will give a brief overview of ageism and stereotypes associate with late adulthood. This will explain how health and wellness techniques in the late adulthood stages can mitigate the negative effects of aging. As people age the social views and experiences changes in relationships and interactions with individuals, as he or she nears end of life. When closely approaching the end of life, a person has cultural and personal attitudes about death and dignity in late adulthood.
Ageism and
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Importance of Relationships and Social Interactions Humans are social animals, dependent on one another for survival and drawn to one another for joy, (University of Phoenix, 2010). Studies show that married older people are healthier, wealthier, and happier than unmarried people and their spouse’s support can help extend their lives. The importance for older adults to have a partner helps because they can depend on each other for help, and they can also help each partner in an area that they are experiencing trouble with because of age. Older adults experience capabilities of being able to have an even give and take relationship and give mutual respect in the relationship. * Older adults who have no partner should have social interactions daily as it has proven emotionally healthier than to be alone. Also older married adults must adjust to their interactions with his or her spouse because they will be together much more when they retire. This constant interaction can lead to disputes but has shown that older adults in a close marital relationship have been proven less depressed and less eager about disabilities that may present themselves because of age. * The importance of companionship in older adults, the average married woman will experience four to ten years of widowhood. The average man will experience none. The first two years can be especially difficult for the widow, but studies


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