Innovative Process Paper

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Innovation Process In this current state of the economy, it is important for businesses to make the necessary changes to stay in business and also remain competitive. With this being said, companies like the United States Postal Service must make the strides necessary to stay in the mailing business to compete with the likes of Fed EX and UPS. Throughout the course of this paper, we will identify and discuss the four basic phases of the innovative process and how we will apply the innovative process to change the USPS. We will also identify the appropriate tools and techniques to be used in this process, explain why they were selected, and finally discuss how we will measure our results and what steps the USPS will take to ensure …show more content…

Thousands of routes across the country will be evaluated by the end of 2008. Most of the changes resulting from those evaluations will take place in January 2009. The adjustments will consolidate deliveries onto fewer routes and result in the elimination of some assignments. Some customers will be assigned a new mail carrier and a different delivery time during the day. These changes to city routes, and changes coming from the evaluations of rural routes scheduled for February and March, will cause changes in carrier-route and sequencing data each month through April 2009. Presorted mail that is not aligned with these changes will require additional processing, especially mail that is drop-shipped to delivery units. To avoid the cost of reworking that mail, the Postal Service will be posting a schedule of ZIP Code updates on its RIBBS website. Mailers also can contact their local district office for current information, and are encouraged to update their mailing lists as frequently as is appropriate. As everyone in the mailing industry deals with the current tough economy, the public can depend on the Postal Service


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