Assignment IL Excel2013 CS P1a

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Christy Chen works at SpringLeaf Designs, a Seattle-based company that makes jewelry and accessories out of recycled materials. Christy has created a workbook to analyze costs and profits by product line. She has also compiled sales forecasts for the next five years. She has asked you to complete the data entry and analysis and to format the worksheets so they have a consistent and professional look.

Download the following file from the SAM website:
Open the file you just downloaded and save it with the name:
Hint: If you do not see the .xlsx file extension in the Save file dialog box, do not type it.
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13. Based on range I6:I18, enter a formula in cell I23 that uses the AVERAGE function to calculate SpringLeaf Design’s average profit per unit across product lines.
14. Add a Thick Box Border around range E21:I23.
15. Use conditional formatting to apply Solid Fill Blue Data Bars to the range I6:I18.
16. Find and replace the misspelled word Cufs with the correctly spelled word Cuffs
17. Rename Sheet1 Sales Analysis and apply the Green, Accent 6 tab color (10th column, 1st row of the Theme Colors palette) to the sheet tab.
18. Go to the Forecast Data worksheet. Move the contents of cell G10 to cell G9.
19. Fill the range E3:G3 with a number series based on the contents of range C3:D3. (Hint: You can ignore the error message in cells E3:G3).
20. Format the range C4:G9 with the Accounting Number format with no decimal places and use $ as the Symbol. (Hint: Depending on how you complete this action, the number format may appear as Custom instead of Accounting.)
21. Make the following changes to the column widths and row heights:
a. Change the width of the column B to best fit (using AutoFit) its contents.
b. Change the width of columns C through F to 9.0 characters.
c. Change the height of row 2 to 40 pt.
22. Enter a formula in cell C10 using the SUM function to total the values in range C4:C9. Copy the formula from cell C10 to the range D10:G10.
23. Add