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Module 4 Study Guide
4.01 Isolationism
The Big Ideas
How did demobilization affect labor in 1919?
Labor unrest came to a head in 1919 when workers began to protest in response to the difficulties caused bydemobilization. Workers went on strike

How did the government react to the Red Scare? started a special "anti-radical" division of the Bureau of Investigation.
Most were arrested without warrant and held without charge, in violation of the Constitution.

How does what happened to Sacco and Vanzetti show what life was like during the Red Scare?
They had no trial and were immediatley convicted without question.
Sentenced to death
What was “normalcy” and why were Americans in favor of it? as the prevailing political sentiment in the
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Also called the Washington Arms Conference.

4.02 Roaring Twenties
The Big Ideas
What economic changes took place during the “Roaring Twenties”? What were the effects of these changes? the nation's gross domestic product (GDP), or the total value of goods produced and services provided in a single year, rose sharply. Through most of the decade, it climbed slowly but steadily. In 1920, wages for non-farm workers were more than double those of 1915. They continued to grow slowly over the next several years. American workers earned more money and made more goods than ever before.

How did the types of good people bought and the ways they paid for them change in the 1920s? What were the effects of these changes?
People also earned a great deal of money investing in the stock market. The average price per share of stock was about $8 in 1921. At the height of the market in 1929, that price reached nearly $30.

How did technology and manufacturing change in the 1920s? What were the effects of these changes?
More technology faster productions more selling more advertising more money

Describe the land boom in Florida from 1920 to 1925. Why did it end?

How did economic changes affect farmers and factory workers?

It had them lose their jobs and hey produced less so they earned less

Henry Ford (How did he change manufacturing?) -
He decided to use mass production to make a much larger