ISM Stands For International Solidarity Movement

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Two women activists fighting for two different causes but fight for the same thing: freedom of group of people. Neta Golan is a current activist while Harriet Tubman is a past activist; they share similarities and differences between their actions and cause.
ISM stands for international solidarity movement. ISM is an organization that is focused on assisting Palestinians in the Israeli- Palestinians conflict, this conflict began in 1948 between the Jews and Arabs after the Holocaust, fighting for the territory in Gaza. Many attempts have been made to make a two state solution between the lands but no agreements have been made thus far.
ISM was founded in 2001 by Ghassan Andoni, Neta Golan, Huwaida Arraf and George Rishmawi, together
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In 1849 Tubman fled from Maryland and slavery, leaving her husband and family behind. Tubman used the Underground Railroad, a road that lead people of African American decent from the South to the free states. Tubman was one of a thousand “conductors”, these conductors were people that helped slaves escape to safety. “It was run by `conductors' like Harriet Tubman (1821-1913), a Maryland slave who had escaped in 1849, the Quaker Levi Coffin (1789-1877), and the ferocious John Brown.”(Johnson, 295) In total Tubman made nineteen different trips to the South and escorted over three hundred different slaves to freedom in the North.
Besides her heroic acts to help her people in need, she worked as a nurse and a cook as well during the civil war. She helped to cure injured or sick soldiers because of her knowledge of local plants. In later years, Tubman became involved in the cause of women’s suffrage. Women’s suffrage objective was to amend the constitution to include the right for women to vote. Tubman gave many speeches to help inform and promote women’s rights. Also, Tubman donated her property to African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church in Auburn, NY to be converted into a home for aged and poor African Americans.
Some similarities between Harriet Tubman and Neta Golan are they are both activists, who perform courageous acts, where they put their life on the line to save