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Knight Over Night
The movie Kingdom of Heaven has many inaccuracies, some of these inaccuracies are for entertainment purposes and some of them are meant to give the movie a higher meaning.
Many of the inaccuracies in the movie that are meant only for entertainment are typically minor. These inaccuracies are those such as the affair that Sibylla was having with Balian. This scene in the movie is inaccurate because in that day and age such a religious woman would not likely have an affair with another man, especially when her husband is a distinguished member of the court. It is though this scene was just added to give the movie that soap opera drama that many people enjoy in their movies.
On the other hand there are inaccuracies that
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Kings in that day of age were thought of as a sort of channel for God to speak through and it is doubtful that God would just let the world take care of itself.
Throughout Kingdom of Heaven there are many historical inaccuracies. Some may believe that these inaccuracies are just a way for “Hollywood” to entertain people, but upon closer examination it can be seen that these inaccuracies are meant to give a higher meaning to the movie. This “higher meaning” can be exemplified through Balian and his humanist acts in a time where religion dominated most people’s actions.
The reason why the movie portrays Balian this way is to use him as an example of the mindset that people should have today. Nowadays people are still fighting and dieing over religion, a cause that this movie claims is not a valid reason at all. Kingdom of Heaven in some aspects can actually be a sort of lashing out against religion. The way the movie gives this feel is by making the Christians seem evil and misguided by their religion, something that takes place in almost every other scene in the movie. For example, by taking a look at what Balian stands for throughout the movie, it can be seen that he is not religious and even considers himself abandoned by God. This at first glance may make him seem unworthy in a sense of the time he lived in, but by the


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