The Roles the Gods Played in the Iliad and Troy

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The roles the gods played in the Iliad and Troy

The gods were more involved in the Iliad than in the movie Troy. In the Iliad they manipulated people’s emotions, the weather, the outcomes of battle; they would disguise themselves to trick the characters into the move they wanted them to make, physically trip them up to give the opponent a better standing. In the movie the gods had no visible role they were more of a believe system and a thought process. The characters believed that there were signs from the gods letting them know how to proceed. An example of this is when determining wither to go into battles after a farmer saw a sparrow with a snake
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Achilles began to fight for her and she demands he stop and walk away cursing him. Agamemnon taunts him that he was silenced by a slave girl that he will have her bathe him. Achilles tells him that before the war is over he will look over his dead body and smile. He refuses to fight in the upcoming battle unless it threatens his own ships. Prium hears of a sparrow flying with a serpent in his mouth that was a sign of the gods that they would see victory the next day. After a fight with Paris Menelaus is killed by Hector to save the life of his brother, Agamemnon is told to give back Briseis. He had given Briseis to his men Achilles saves her by fighting the other men. The next day he decided to leave for Phthia.
After the death of Patroclus and of Hector the scene where Prium went to Achilles to beg for the return of Hectors body after his death contrasts between the Iliad and the movie Troy. In the Iliad Achilles was infuriated when Patroclus died he felt no compassion for any Trojan and even less for Hector who not only killed his dearest friend also stole the armor off of his body to wear for himself. Hector ran around the walls of the city with Achilles chasing him to fight. Athena tricked Hector by appearing as his brother Deiphobus telling him they would go fight Achilles together. When Hector came face to face with Achilles his brother was nowhere to be found. Hector knew immediately that he had been tricked by the gods and was killed during battle.


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