Julia Butterfly Hill American Heroin

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"Why should I care about some lady living in a tree?" Is the question that I asked myself before I read the book ‘The Legacy of Luna'. Like most people, I glanced at its contents ran my fingers through the pages and decided that it would not interest me. However it was not long before I changed my mind after reading about her magnificent inner strength and my doubts were soon disbanded for I began to realize its inspiration and the author's inner strength.
‘The Legacy of Luna' is filled with self-determination, love and sacrifice. These commodities outline the path of which Julia embarked upon to discover her true character. It's an epic battle between our heroine of the novel and her oppressors, also known as the lumbering companies,
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Rarely do we find such honesty and ones appreciation for nature written on paper from the very person who lives and breathed the story. I perceive her as a heroine for her actions, and an inspiration to all those who feel that they have no sense of purpose.
As commonly known and recorded, ‘tree-sits' are usually team efforts, where people would take turns to protect a tree. Julia decided to do this on her own initiative, no matter how hungry or cold she felt; no storm, no wind nor rain could shake her dedication to her newly found purpose. One may also compliment her love for not only the environment, which became her new home but also her objectiveness and love towards the loggers who stood so firmly against her for so long.
Her story often makes me wonder if I could ever commit myself to something that I believe in for so long, regardless of the constraints and scrutiny from the public eye from which Julia endured so admirably. Before I would be willing to risk life or limb for any cause id have to be deeply committed to the cause. One in which I feel so passionate about id be willing to sacrifice my self for. Alas I do have unwavering respect for those honourable individuals who have fought, put there lives on the line just so I can enjoy a better quality of life. The Marcus Garvery's, Harriet Tubman's,Sam Sharpe's , but I am not yet as passionate about any social or political issue, as most, if not all barriers that would hinder me