Judges, are they politicians in disguise? (40)

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US Supreme Court justices are politicians in disguise, discuss.

The role of the Supreme Court is to interpret the constitution and to apply these interpretations to legislation that has been made by Congress as to avoid them from making unconstitutional law. In doing so this is called judicial review in which the Supreme Court takes an active role in intervening in politics. If a law is suggested as being unconstitutional the Supreme Court will either accept or decline and if they accept, this will result in the judiciary then looking at the case and determining whether or not the accusation is true or if the question is entitled to make a claim. In some instances this can be taken too far by the court and they can intervene and end
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There were also a run of cases against George W. Bush in which he wished to hold suspected terrorists without a free and fair trial, there was Rasul vs. Bush 2004 and Boumediene vs. Bush 2008 which were the two directly against Bush, in both these cases the Supreme Court ruled that they must be given a fair trial, before imprisonment (or as Bush wanted to place them in Guantanamo bay) and was legitimately defending the 4th amendment of a free and fair trial. However George Bush managed to ignore this ruling and still put them in Guantanamo without any sanctions towards him, which could suggest that the Supreme Court need more power for installing their rulings. This is another case which shows the unpolitic side of the Supreme Court. Recently we have seen that the increased politicisation of the Supreme Court is due to the appointment process in which the President nominates a candidate and then the House votes on whether to appoint them or not. We can firstly notice that the President puts forwards nominees and for him to put forward nominees he wants to put someone in who will support is policies and is on his side of the fence. This is already proving to be a corrupt way of appointing justices, however then they are up for scrutiny in the Congress and they are questioned vigorously, this certainly seems legitimate and democratic and can take the sting out of the political side and focuses on making