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Court Systems
University of Phoenix
Survey of Justice and Security
AJS 502
William Miller
February 23, 2015


The case of Jodi Arias (Defendant) Case CR2008-031021-001 ("Criminal Court Case Information - Case History", 2014) vs State of Arizona on the murder of Travis Alexander (Victim), the modern day story of sex, lies, violence, and revenge. The trial of State of Arizona vs Jodi Arias is being tried in the Maricopa County Superior Court ("Criminal Court Case Information - Case History", 2014); the following paper outlines the process that follows in the criminal investigation up to the final stage. I have listened to nearly 12 hours of testimony from the key players that I have listed, from the
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Sheets and blankets had been stripped from the bed; the hallway had blood smears and one bloody palm print on the hallway wall. All roommates and friends were all ruled out as suspects.
Latent print experts were able to retrieve a bloody handprint from the hallway of the bathroom that contained the DNA of both Arias and Alexander (Mitchell, 2013). The grand jury indicted Jodi Arias on July 9; Jodi was arrested on July 15 and extradited to Arizona on September 5 for first-degree murder of Travis Alexander. On September 11, Jodi Arias pleaded not guilty (Mitchell, 2013).

Key Players
Jodi Arias (Defendant)
Travis Alexander (Victim)
Esteban Flores (Investigating Detective – Mesa, AZ Police Department)
Judge Sherry Stephens – (Presiding Judge)
Bill Montgomery (Maricopa County Attorney)
Juan Martinez (Prosecution Attorney)
Kirk Nurmi (Defense Attorney)
Jennifer Wilmot (Defense Attorney)
Kevin Horn (Medical Examiner)
Daryl Brewer (former BF of Arias)
Daniel Freeman (Friend of Alexander)
Leslie Udy (Friend of Arias)
Gus Searcy (Arias mentor)
Beth Hawkins (Arias Babysitter)
Richard Samuels (Psychologist on behalf of Arias)
Alyce LaViolette (Psychotherapist on behalf