Jesus Reflection Essay

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Christian Worldview 101 has enlightened me and allowed me to focus what I have read, viewed, and learned about Jesus’ life. In the following piece I will be reviewing the following topics and how they coincide with my own life and experiences. The topics are as follow: Jesus’ Teachings, Miracles, and His Death and Resurrection. I have chosen these particular topics because I can relate to them in some spectrum of my life to the present day as well as the fact that I specifically admire what these topics entail. In Jesus Teachings (Matthew 5:9, NKJV), “Blessed are the peacemakers, For they shall be called sons of God.” I have learned a lot from this passage alone and recently through this course I have been refreshed for my calling in …show more content…
I have not yet traveled all over the world, but have been to many places in my own world before discovering the way of truth in Jesus Christ. I had at one point chosen a path that was heading towards a written statistic. However, what I have learned in the darkness has helped me teach others how great it is in the light of the Lord. My personal experiences have prepared me in an advantageous manner. In which I use to relate, connect, and convert others into walking into the narrow gate, and toward the more difficult but righteous way to life. There are many people nowadays that label our society and youth as the fallen; I disguise my counseling to our youth by placing a seed for the hopes of growing a miracle. Society would learn and change a lot of outcomes in our present lives, if they let God into their lives. If that alone is what one does to follow the teachings of God, it would make a dent into the world of disbelief as we know it today. In conclusion, I have learned a lot about my own worldview in reading, viewing, and learning, about the Christian Worldview. I have examined, re-energized, and paved my path in following our Father through reading his word and spreading His news. In learning more about Jesus’ life and biblical principles, I have defined how I have and will continue to apply His teachings into my own life. His miracles, have given me insight as to how I can plant a seed in hopes


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