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BBA 360 Assignment 3
Case Study Project Management

Due: Thursday, October 24, 2013
Submit: IN CLASS—beginning of class
What: Read the case and follow the directions at the end of the case.

The Wedding

Tony and Peggy Sue graduated from a college in Texas last May. She received a degree in elementary education, and he graduated from the culinary school. They both now work in the Dallas area. Peggy Sue teaches, and Tony is a chef at a resort hotel restaurant.

On Christmas day, Tony and Peggy Sue get engaged and set a wedding date of June 30.

Tony is from New York City. He is the only son of “Big Tony” and Carmella. He is known as “Little Tony” to his family. He has three younger sisters, none of whom are yet
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I’ll tell your sisters to expect to be bridesmaids again in keeping with the family tradition. I guess Holly will be matron of honor; it’s her turn. By the way, she’s expecting again right around the same time as your wedding, but I don’t think that will matter. Well, I guess pretty soon you’ll be having your own family. I’m glad you’re finally settling down. Your really should be thinking about moving back home, now that you done with college. I saw Emma Miller at the grocery the other day. She told me she is retiring and I told her you would be excited to apply for her job.”

“She said she thought you would have a good chance. You could move in with me. The house is so big and lonely. There is plenty of room, and I can help with grandkids. And your boyfriend, Tony—isn’t he a cook? I’m sure he could get a job at the diner in town. Oh, I’m so happy to have you coming back. I’ll tell your sisters at Sunday dinner. You be careful in that big city!”

Tony and Peggy Sue start discussing their plans. They decide they want a big wedding—with family and friends, including their college friends. They want an outdoor ceremony and outdoor reception, including plenty of food, music, and dancing into the night. They are not sure how much it will cost and realize Peggy Sue’s mother cannot afford to pay for the wedding, so they will have to pay for it themselves. Tony and Peggy Sue have college loans to pay back, but they hope that the money gifts they