Effects of Divorce on Society

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Increased youth crime rate is caused largely by absent fathers as a result of divorce made too easy. Consider this chilling forecast. When we pass the year 2000, we will see two groups of working age adults emerging. One group will have received psychological, social, economic, educational and moral benefits and the other group will have been denied them all. The first group will have grown up with a father present in the house and the second group will have not had a father present. The groups will be roughly equal in size. In order to be divorced in my parent's era of the fifties, one mate had to be provenadulterous. Legally, one party was deemed guilty and one was innocent. That finding affected each party financially and socially …show more content…
He has been reduced to being a household helper or a child support payer. His roleis important because he provides a love that is different than the mother's. Mother's love is unconditional. Father's love is soughtafter and earned through achievement. The child must work for this love. This type of love may sound like unreal love, but I think it is real. The lucky child is the one who has the benefit of both kinds of love. The father can yield the power to invoke fear among children. This sounds bad but it isn't. Of course, the father can be friendlyand loving but never underestimate the power of fear to keep them in line. I am not talking about laying a hand on the children, just the idea of something "bad happening" if they don't "shape up". I can attest to the success of fear in my own family. It works! Without the father present, children are ripe for becoming anything their peers want them to be. They find it hard to resisttemptation to be dishonest or criminal. There is no father to answer to. Yes, there is Mom to answer to but she is usually not as intimidating as a father. In the community, a safer street is one where there are fathers out mowing the lawn or fixing a car. A child is less apt to commit a crime with fathers visibly present. There is a saying that "it takes a whole community to raise a child." Mothers set the standards for the community and fathers enforce them. To get back on the


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