Significance of Virtualization, and Cloud Computing in Virgin Atlantic

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The main concerns of being the management student are to learn great management practices and system from various organizations. Practical implication of theories and practices gained from colleges or universities must be applied to the practical world. Our knowledge will be getting a platform when it is being implemented in a real world. Virgin Atlantic is one of the successful business organizations are operating multi function services.

Virgin Atlantic Airways is one of the leading airlines in Europe introduced by Virgin Group collection of branded companies in 1984. Virgin Atlantic is centralized with UK operating 30 destinations all over the world with the 40 Aircrafts in operation. It is also extending its operation via code
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The main strategic objective of Virgin Atlantic is to capture the market leader position. Virgin is the brand name and it keeps trying to promote its brand value all over the world. In the company history, it struggled more to obtain this position for the past 25 years and now the main goal is to give a new taste to customer every year. The virgin brand believes that the consumer behaviour and preferences are keep changing. It innovate the product in a short period of time and to get success. The main strategic goal is to earn more customer satisfaction helps to earn brand image as well as goodwill. Company takes every competitor as a challenge and always prepared to corporately fight with them. In this context as per the company top management “Customer are the great entity and they are weapons for competitors”

"Virgin Atlantic makes every day a happier day. It is a tonic for the soul – delivering great product, and great experiences for customers all around the world.”- Dilys Maltby, Senior Partner, Circus

Virgin Atlantic is taken as the successful airlines company in an aircraft industry. The management teams are skilled and intelligence that they driven airlines in a height of success. However, the company have some weaknesses and threats as well. The SWOT analysis of Virgin Atlantic is as below;