International Marketing Plan for Zaxbys

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Zaxby’s in Canada: Company Report Executive Summary
Zaxby’s was founded in 1990 as a franchised chain of fast casual restaurants primarily in the Southeastern United States.
Guest loyalty, developing employees, expansion, and increased sales are the corporate vision that Zaxby’s has used to grow and develop its brand.
Zaxby’s is in business to provide a lunch and dinner fast food restaurant with high quality food products, as well as unsurpassed customer service, all at an affordable yet competitive price.
Target Market
Zaxby’s targets chicken lovers from the age group of 22-45 with minimum average household income of $42,000. Canada has about 68.5 percent of its people in the age group of 15-65
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Our quality and way of cooking chicken will not change. Our customers enjoy freshly cooked high quality meals. Our meals in Canada will be within an affordable price range just like they are in our home country. The prices may have to be changed a few times after we first penetrate the Canadian market in order to match the consumers’ sensitivity to price changes. If we are unable to agree with the bargaining power of Canadian suppliers, we will rely on transporting supplies from the United States. This is why we want to expand to Canada. It is very close to our current market.
3) Global Market
A. International Marketplace
Zaxby’s will have to leverage its corporate vision and use its unique location character to build identity in international markets. Guest loyalty, developing employees, expansion and increased sales are the corporate vision that Zaxby’s has used to grow and develop its brand. The restaurant locations are built with the local culture in mind. Items that are representative of the local area are included in the décor. This dedication to building a restaurant that is not homogenized like other restaurants will assist Zaxby’s build clientele. The quality of food and customer focus that is successful in current restaurant will build a core that new locations can use to attract and retain customers. Any entry into international locations will require a thorough knowledge of the local culture. Canada has a similar culture to America