Ilm M3.01 Solving Problems and Making Decisions

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ILM management Course
Shaun Barratt
Work based assignment:M3.01

Problem Solving

The Joint Service for Disabled Children is a partnership developed by Enfield’s Children’s trust. It comprises specialist, inclusive, voluntary, health and education services to support and promote opportunities for all disabled children and their families in Enfield. The service is open to any disabled children and young people who have significant global delay, autism or life threatening conditions under the age of 18. In my role as inclusion development manager I am responsible for enabling disabled children and young people to access mainstream activities of their choice within the borough. I provide the resources, staff and training for any
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It’s more sustainable than the others and it’s focussed on the area identified and not just fire fighting and therefore a potentially proactive way of working which is easier for staff to identify with. It’s cost effective with just the initial outlay and staff counselling time. Its solution focussed with clear parameters on intervention times. Parents will hopefully support something which gives them a long term solution to their problem and not just a short term solution which is offered by overnights. A potential sleep programme training course was identified which would involve five members of staff being identified to be trained to become sleep counsellors. They would work directly with the parents and enable the parents to change bedtime routines and behaviours in order to improve sleep patterns in the child. Before presenting to the joint service steering group we carried out an SWOT analysis to anticipate issues which may be raised in the presentation.

SWOT analysis of sleep program

Please see appendix (1)

The use of a SWOT analysis provides a methodical and honest assessment of our services strengths and weaknesses for carrying out a


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