Erpsim Game Report for Distribution Game

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Final analyze and Game report of
ERPsim Distribution Game

To: Dr. Shirley Stretch-Stephenson

Group C H

Members: Iris Huang

Ankit Sethiya

Ken Chen

Yuankai Wang (GS)

After 2 trial rounds of ERPsim distribution game, our group got rank 2 out of 4 groups (actually climbing from rank 3 to 2). So everyone in the group is fully confident about the real game running in the upcoming week. After several discussions, we settled down our objective as the first seller of products 1L&500ml ClearPure bottled water. But the result coming from real running game is really out of anyone’s expectation. And the truth that we got rank 3 on Net Income ranking is some kind of
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Some methods we were taking should stay as a good model for future reference; some methods should refer as a lesson we learnt.
GS in our group is in charge of forecasting and planning purchase orders in the whole game. The basic rule of this player is to understand the reports data from member overseeing the market and calculate then predict the future market demand as well as plan the stock level. In Quarter 1 Our Goal: Earn enough profit and make sure we have enough stock level at the beginning of quarter 2 since no procurement could be done in quarter 1. From the start, each group has 1000 units on each product. As prepared, GS (me) set the stock level of products B-01, B-04 (ClearPure) to 1500 units, the rest got 500 units. Due to the inability to make procurement order (as we understand in that way at that time, here is our major and most lethal mistake), there is not much I can do in this quarter. By following up the market report, I helped Ankit calculate the average market price from the report. Our sales were very slow during that time even Iris constantly decrease the price bit by bit. Only after overhearing other groups started to make purchase orders for inventories, we started to realize the procurement system under menu round2&3 can be used to increase stock level in round 1. I directly made my plan into purchase orders and let Ken to process the first purchase order on day 17. In Quarter 2 Our Goal: Sell as