Holiday Inn Express Strengths and Weaknesses

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Internal Analysis
Holiday Inn Express

Strength: SimplySmart Bed and Bath
Justification: Holiday Inn Express is a brand that remains consistent across the board. With their SimplySmart bedding, exclusively on Holiday Inn Express beds, their guests can expect the same comfort every time they lay their head down. With four pillows on each bed, ranging in from extra fluffy to rather firm, guests will surely be pleased. The sheets, that feel much like Egyptian cotton, are layered with blankets that suit the climate you are in. SimplySmart also takes care of the bathroom amenities in each room. With curved shower rods, guests have up to 25% more elbow room for a more comfortable shower experience. Extra large, highly absorbent, 100% cotton
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It costs much more to outfit a hotel with internet, let alone wireless access. So travelers be aware when booking your rooms internationally if WiFi is a necessity.

Weakness: Poor Marketing for New Hot Breakfast Bar
Justification: When launching the new TV advertisements to get the word out about the new “Hot Breakfast Bar” that has been added to the complimentary breakfast at Holiday Inn Express, it does not appear that everyone was on the same wavelength. With four nerdy, sort of sloppy looking business men, it may be sending the wrong message about the hotel. In addition to their poor appearance, they are attempting to figure out what the good-looking woman across the room will choose to eat, while forming judgmental opinions about her based on her choice of magazines, clothes, and body size. It makes it appear as though this new “Hot Breakfast Bar” isn’t quite the place that people are going to want to hang out with their family.

Weakness: Attracts Young Travelers
Justification: The Holiday Inn Express brand prides them selves on being fresh, clean, and affordable for families traveling together. One downfall of being a limited service, low cost hotel is that it may attract young travelers. Examples of this being a problem are the locations in common college spring break areas, like Panama City Beach, Florida or South Padre Island, Texas. These hotels have


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