Chapter Questons

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time: 1Mark Haddon

Initial Questions about Passages and Chapters

The following questions take you from page 1 of the novel to the very end. These questions focus your attention on key events in the plot, on certain digressions in the story, on certain characters (especially Christopher), on the book’s style, on some of the book’s dialogue, and on important interactions between Christopher and others.

Choose 10 questions. Answer each of those questions in 1-2 paragraphs per answer. Write in full and proper sentences, not dot points (even though they are used here to clarify what you are to do)

Make sure you clearly number and/or include the question that you are answering.
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And he therefore believes that his mother and rabbit would become part of the trees and earth surrounding him. He also believes that sayings like ‘what would your mother say about that” are pointless and silly. He simply thinks that as she is dead she is unable to think and therefore could not have an opinion of his actions, and because this he will not regret any of his choices because of his mother.

9. Chapter 67 gives us a wonderful glimpse into the world of non-autistic persons, through the eyes of an autistic person. Examine, for example, the tee-shirt slogan that Christopher quotes on page 47, and his comments on the idea of “chatting,” on the top of page 51.

• When you see bits and pieces of your own world isolated and discussed, in the way that Christopher isolates and discusses them, how does your own world appear to you now?
• Discuss two other pieces of our non-autistic world that Christopher points out for us throughout the novel. (See also p.189-190 and lots of other pages!).

When I see bits and pieces of my own world isolated and discussed, in the way that Christopher isolates and discusses them, my own world appears to be so much more complicated as seen on page 46, where Christopher talks of his experiences in taking a long time to get used to people that he does not know. Christopher’s world is much more complicated as compared to mine however it reminds me of how different