Henry Lawson Essay + 1 Related Text

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2010 HSC Essay Question

Compare the ways the distinctively visual is created in Lawson’s short stories and one other related text of your own choosing.
In your answer, make detailed references to at least two short stories set for study.
Composers in everyday situations use distinctively visuals through the use of elaborate techniques and complex word choice. These visuals are vivid and very clear; so it helps the responder visualise the text and therefore relate to the texts and also deepen their understanding of the short stories. Two short stories composed by ‘Henry Lawson’ that use techniques and word choice to portray distinctively visuals are ‘The Drover’s Wife’ and ‘In A Dry Season’, these two texts are strongly opposite to
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“Bush all round-bush with no horizon, for the country is flat. No ranges in the distance... a few she-oaks which are sighing above the narrow, almost waterless creek.” The simple sentence in this quote is “No ranges in the distance.” This helps the responder distinctively visualise the rural setting of the story; the “she-oaks” are symbolic in this quote, as they represent “The Drover’s Wife” and that they both are determined to get through the struggles that have been evident throughout the story and survive the harsh Australian outback.
Similarly ‘Lawson’ has portrayed the struggles to survive in the harsh rural Australian outback in ‘In A Dry Season’ through the use of word choice and various techniques. “Here a quiet-looking bushman in a corner of the carriage grew restless, and presently the open his mouth and took the liar down in about three minutes.” In this quote ‘Lawson’ has used this “quiet-looking bushman” to represent the struggles to survive in pre-federation rural Australian outback. This is how ‘Henry Lawson’ has portrayed the struggle to survive in the harsh rural Australian outback in his two well known short stories, ‘The Drover’s Wife’ and ‘In A Dry Season’.
The visual ‘The English Countryside’ has portrayed tranquillity through the use of positioning. Tranquillity is the quality of calm experienced in places with