Assignment Unit 4 Legal And Ethical Issuesfin

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Assignment Unit 4 Legal and Ethical issues

Legal issues
Legal issues that affect Northbrook college are:
Data Protection Act 1998: This controls the personal information that the government or organisations have of you and how it will be used. This gives individuals the right to know what information is held about them. The Data Protection act as 8 principles;
1) Data may only be used for the purpose it is collected.
2) Data must not be passed on to other people without the consent of the person whom it is about.
3) People have the right of access to the information held about them.
4) Personal information may be kept for no longer than is necessary and must be kept up to date.
5) Personal information may not be
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Please be calm and sensible, while exiting the College and making your way to the campus meeting point.
Fires can happen at any time and this procedure they take is to make sure every student is safe if a fire occurred.
What organisational policies might exist
An organisation’s policies may have a significant effect on how it treats information.
An organisation with a strong hierarchy that operates on a need-to-know basis is likely to impose policies restricting access to information (e.g. government or military).
For example it may keep its databases, files and email servers in a secure central data centre.
IT security and data centre staff may put in place tight controls on who can access or update this information.
This links in with the security of information for Northbrook as they keep their information in a fireproof cabinet at Shoreham campus.
This also means that Northbrook must do regular backups to prevent information from getting deleted or lost. This may be a full back up of all information or a partial backup of just the changes since the last full backup.

What business continuance plans might exist
This is a plan for when things go wrong and how we best maximise profits but in terms of business how operations can continue if any major part of an IT system should fail.
BCP- The IT department should have things set up so that if there