HUM 112 ASSIGNMENT Project Paper 2

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Project Paper: Office Art Memo
Professor Charles Hunsucker
HUM 112
August 18, 2014

As an employee and a student taking a humanities class, I have been asked by my boss to select six various art pieces for the new corporate offices for our real estate firm. When my boss first gave me the task of managing the art budget and selecting the pieces I was quite nervous. She then reassured me by stating that she knew I was the person for the task, as I have asked her to read over and review several of my class assignment papers and she did with good feedback. With her reassurance, I also reviewed many of the aspects we covered in my humanities class and began my search for the perfect selections to compliment our beautiful new
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Vincent Van Gogh’s painting oil on canvas titled “Vincent’s Bedroom” is another selection that I have chosen as a piece to display in the office. The painting has bright striking colors, which display a bedroom, possibly that of a child a familiar subject matter for a real estate company. The portrait would be best displayed in the conference room for potential home-buyers to see. The portrait “The Little Fruit-Seller” by Baroque artist Bartolome Esteban Murillo painted in 1670-75, would be another painting that I would select to go in the conference room. The painting depicts everyday life scenes such as marketplaces, festivals, and domestic settings with regular people engaged in ordinary activities. The painting has warm colors that are inviting to viewers and shows a buyer and seller during an exchange.
My choice for the last painting would be “Head of a Woman, 1960 by famous artist Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881–1973). The painting was the dark-haired, dark-eyed features of one of his longtime friend, Jacqueline Roque (1927–1986), his muse for the last nineteen years of his life. The picture boldly dividing both figure and background into large irregular, curvilinear shapes an art form known as Cubist, that fit together like puzzle pieces, he renders the details of her head with repetitive sweeping brushstrokes that suggest her long luxurious hair, and short spiky dashes


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