Quinte Mri

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Quinte MRI

Executive Summary

Brenton-Cooper Medical Centre (BCMC) has outsourced its MRI operations to Quinte MRI, a seasoned and highly recognized MRI service provider. Unfortunately, after six weeks of operations Quinte MRI’s leased MRI machine is not meeting its expected outputs as projected and is causing concern to both Quinte MRI and BCMC which has begun to lose revenue via referrals away from its clinic. Further, BCMC’s reputation is now at risk which could result in additional loses to the centre. The root cause of the problem appears to lie with the scheduling of the scanning operations.

Dr. Syed Haider, the owner of Quinte MRI, has tasked his business development coordinators with finding a solution to this problem and
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Responsibilities appear not to be clearly defined, or assigned, leading to inefficiencies in the process. As well, expectations of persons are not clearly defined and communicated ahead of time leading to missed schedules, frustrations and delays.

Alternative and Options

In my opinion Quinte MRI could request the transfer of the responsibilities of the scheduling process over to their firm. This could benefit the firm in that they would now have ultimate control of the scheduling process from start to finish. As it is the firm has to rely on BCMC to manage this function and this is causing many issues.

I believe that an MR Technician could be hired to perform the scheduling tasks and also provide support to Jeff Sinclair. Quinte MRI is already paying for these services but not receiving value. Revenue loss from turn-aways alone (1.2 p/day) could adequately cover the costs of hiring someone to provide these services.

Additional benefit would be backup support for Jeff during vacation or other away days. Training would be provided on the job to support Jeff and add additional new skills to the technician. Screening could be done well ahead of time before the patient arrives because someone with the knowledge and expertise is handling this.

Quinte MRI could invest some capital in technology to support the


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