HRM 531 Training Plan

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Limo Training Plan
Team Vitamin C: Robert Newton, Michelle Thompson, Sheila Thompson, Shanica Todd-Huggins
HRM 531
December 1, 2014
Machelle Thompson J.D.
Limo Training Plan

To: Bradley Stonefield
From: Team C
Date: 11/26/2014
Subject: Training Plan The training plan for Landslide Limousine Services includes the Needs Assessment, Training Method, and Training Evaluation Method. Which includes analysis, organizational analysis, demographical analysis, operational analysis and individual needs assessment. Secondly, the training methods are to be examined. The training methods include types of media, learning principles, training for learning skills or facts and effectiveness of training methods. Third, the training evaluation
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When training employees for duties required by the company, several training methods are available. The training methods presented are different types of media, learning principles, training for learning skills or facts, and effectiveness of training methods. First, the various types of media can range from interactive, hands-on tools, electronic media, print and verbal instruction. To ensure comprehension and understanding what the Landslide Limousine Service requires from their employees, the hands-on method is the best method. The hands-on method is the optimal method due to increase of knowledge and at the same time implementing the behavior.
Secondly, individual employees at Landslide Limousines will all have a unique way of learning or retaining facts. “Student motivation determines the result of how the employees will learn” (Principles of Learning, 2014), which increases the support for the hands-on method training. The responsibility of Landslide Limousine will ensure each employees strengths and weaknesses are utilized. Along with focusing on the employees most significant training needs in order to increase the likelihood of success. Utilizing employee’s most significant training needs will allow Landslide Limousine Service to gain valuable knowledge about areas within the company that they were subordinate. It is important to allow the employees to venture


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