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International market segmentation is the dividing of market into segments, this allow marketers to effectively determine whether business can thrive in a particular area. Segmentation is based on four factor namely geographical, psychographic, demographic and lastly behavioral segmentation. Geographical segmentation refers to grouping markets geographically such as nations, states or cities. Psychographic segmentation is the dividing of buyers into groups based on lifestyle or social class/status. Demographic segmentation uses factors like age, gender, occupation and etc to separate markets into groups. Last but not least, behavioral segmentation, this kind of segmentation divides buyer into groups by their knowledge about particular …show more content…

The company carefully defined those well to do groups in each of its market. In its traditional market, Bentley regularly host golf tournament and invites customers to join, usually for primary male, highly educated and high earning customers and the winner will be crowned with the Bentley Continental cup. This kind of event results in refreshing and reinforcing its image. Meanwhile for the new market, they offer exclusive goods under their brand name by partnering with several other exclusive companies. By doing so, Bentley recovered itself from the sales slump they encountered in 2009. United States is now being replaced by China as the biggest market. There is a delivery of 1664 cars to Chinese customer in 2011 alone continue with 84% sales growth by the first quarter of 2012. Bentley is also the best selling luxury car brand in Russia in 2011 where sales increased by 45%.
Given the economic downturn in developed and slow down in emerging economies such as China, I do think Bentley will continue to grow. Bentley has announced that the global deliveries to customers have grown by 9 percent in 2013 compared to the first six month of 2012 ( 3929  4279 ). Meanwhile in China, there is a delivery of 817 cars, which is 23 percent decrease from last year as the market awaits the full availability of the new Flying Spur, a major car for the region. This prove that in order to continue to grow, Bentley had been creating new cars with new


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