the tone in 1984, 9/11 Random Notes and The United States of BOO!

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1984, 9/11 Random Notes and The United States of BOO!
The short story contains a lot of pessimistic and negative adjectives, which gives me, as a reader, a feeling of negativity at first, but then you realize that the story is so much negative that it turns out to be filled with humor and a sarcastic touch. In the very first section it is described that it is a cold day in april; that the clocks is striking 13; that the wind is vile; and that Winston Smith tries to escape this by rushing inside his building and though he is not able to keep the gritty dust outside. This indicates that the story is not characterized by joy and sunny days but the opposite instead. In the end of the hallway inside the building, which is
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In the beginning he states the following: “THERE IS no terrorist threat” ll 1-5 p 167 several times in a row. In his article he underlines this with claiming that the chance of an American being killed in a terrorist attack in the US the following years is zero. In addition he says that the possibility dying of pneumonia, suicide, homicide or car-accidents is higher than being killed in a terrorist attack. Let me give you an example:
“In 200,1 you had a greater chance of dying from the flu or pneumonia (1 in 4,500), from taking your own life (1 in 9,200), being a homicide victim (1 in 14,000), or riding in a car (1 in 6,500).”
So the tone Michael Moore sets in his article is a quite arrogant one, though arrogant with a reason, since he makes use of a lot of statistics, which underlines his strong opinion. Therefore the tone is based on matter-of-factness as well.
He blames the bush administration for giving the people fear, not just a bit, but too much of it. Exemplified with the following:
“According to the Bush administration, and the stories they have planted in the media, the terrorists are everywhere. Each day seems to be a new warning. A new alert! A new threat.” ll. 28-30 p 169
By Moore criticizing the government and their way of manipulating with the people, the tone is aggressive as well.
The tone is also sarcastic in some point. In the end of the article, after have mentioned all


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