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WEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT Chapter 4: World, National, Regional, and Other Organizations
Case Problems

1. A popular tourist state has fallen on hard times. The state government can no longer provide adequate funds for its state park system. The governor has proposed a “group maintenance” policy for the parks. This means that all the parks in a given part of the state would be managed on a group basis. Eliminated would be all of the individual local park managers. Several million people visit these parks each year – an important part of the state’s tourism. What might be some feasible solutions to the funding problems of the park system? We all know that the tourism plays an important role in the overall national economy and each of its
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2. Air transportation is truly a global industry. However, future growth in world demand is being impeded by many nations that have enacted various air regulations and restrictive laws. A beginning toward a “new world order” of global competition and interconnectedness has occurred. The first “open skies” agreement was established between the United States and The Netherlands. This agreement, dubbed Open Skies I, signals the beginning of open skies becoming global. The agreement abolishes and legal and diplomatic environments, as well as all other trade barriers that impede airline efficiency. It also encourages competition. The Open Skies I accord completely deregulates air services between the United States and the European Union. How will this affect demand for travel on the world’s airlines? Explain and give several examples.

Even though the Open Skies I removed all the rules and regulations of the aviation industry between United States and Netherlands they still need to have some kind of agreement for the proper implementation. When we think from the other side it’s good too because then there will be less chance of interference of the government when signed an agreement between the two countries. But, if we look to the other side with Europe then


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