Report on analyze the Behavioural Skill for business about Faboil Ltd

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Report on analyze the Behavioural Skill for business about Faboil Ltd

Present by: Sun Yue
Date: 01/01/09

Faboil Ltd has evolved into a relatively successful organisation within the biotechnology field. In this report I will give a analysis of Richard’s managerial roles and used the assertiveness skills theory to analyze Carole’s inassertiveness. Then I will explain the effects of conflict and how should conflict be resolved. At last, I also give some time management techniques to Carole to manage time better, and give some useful methods of stress resolution.

1. Management Roles—Henry Minzberg
Although theorists may define what managers should do, the reality of what they
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They are
1. Basic or empathetic assertion,
2. Broken Record,
3. Use of Silence,
4. Saying No,
5. Fogging,
6. Disarming anger
7. Negative assertion.

Basic or empathetic assertion
Step 1 Actively listen to what is being said and then show the other person that you both hear and understand what they are saying. You may nod or use eye contact to show you are listening;
Step 2 Say what you think and feel in a direct way (calm and to the point);
Step 3 Say clearly what you want to happen.
In the case, Judith Smythe’s enthusiastic approach has had a huge impact on her staff that can see major benefits from working with a cross section of people from across the organization. Previously her team’s approach was solely to sell the new products in the market place, regardless of the needs of their customers or the lack of good market research. Since the working parties were formed, some of Faboil’s customers have been involved in ‘focus group’ discussions and valuable lessons have been learned.
Broken Record
This is when you repeatedly make your point until the other person hears it. Care should be taken with offering a reason as others may come back with a counter argument. Your body language should match your verbal message.
Saying No
Many people find this difficult. We tend to make up excuses, avoid the other person or make them feel guilty or pussyfoot.