Night and Hotel Rwanda Similarities

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Night and Hotel Rwanda Similarities

Throughout the course of humanity, we have experienced terrible transgressions in our society. Although they took place sixty-one years apart, similar horrific events from the Holocaust (1933-1945) and the Rwandan Genocide (1994) occurred. In Night, the Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state sponsored persecution and murder of approximately 6 million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. The Nazis believed they were “racially superior” so they killed the Jews because they were deemed “inferior” and needed to be eliminated.

Hotel Rwanda tackles a recent event in history where the Hutu extremists of Rwanda initiated a terrifying campaign of genocide, massacring approximately
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In Night, at Buchenwald, Elie watched helplessly as a Nazi SS guard beat his father in the head because he was sick and kept calling for Elie to bring him some water. The guard got mad because he would not be quiet so he hit him. This was not the first time Elie had witnessed someone being beaten and some of the people were beaten to death. The Nazis threw the bodies in piles and sometimes burned them. There were times when the Jews had to walk over the corpses. In Hotel Rwanda, Paul witnessed his neighbors being taken from their homes by the Hutus, being beaten and even killed with a machete. The Hutu soldiers killed men, women, and even children. It was very brutal and a horrifying experience for Paul. The bodies were left in the streets and fields. There was an instance when Paul drove through a very bumpy and misty road before daylight, and when the sun comes up he discovers that they have been riding over a sea of corpses.

In conclusion, the Holocaust was a tragic event in history where approximately 6 million Jews lives were taken because of cruel racial prejudice by the Nazis in 1933-1945. Hotel Rwanda, was a tragic experience about the Rwandan Genocide between the Hutu and the Tutsi in 1994, where one decision made by Paul Rusesabagina (a Hutu hotel manager of a luxury hotel) could change the world. The Hutus thought the Tutsis were extremely cruel beings,