Good Hotel Case Study

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Case #10- Good Hotel: Doing Good, Doing Well?

Jamie Caudle

Q: What is the vision/mission behind the Good Hotel concept?

A: The Good Hotel is intended to be the first hotel with a conscience. Our philanthropic and positive approach is designed to inspire the "good in us all" (Pearce, 2012, p. 10-2).

The Good Hotel is a hip San Francisco hotel that practices philanthropy and believes in doing good for the planet. The eco-friendly hotel décor features reclaimed and recycled construction materials (Pearce, 2012, p. 10-2). I believe the concept is to create a themed based hotel that is catered to a green living approach to life and have some fun doing it. The mission and vision statements for the new owner group of The Good Hotel
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I believe the strategy is sufficient because with the growth of technology and the ability to get information faster; people can get the word-of-mouth from many different sources on the internet and the hotel can do all kinds of free promotions for the world to see.

Q: How would you competitively position Good Hotel relative to its rivals?

A: I would position The Good Hotel to tailor to the green consumers as it’s already setup to do. The theme based concept boutique hotel differentiates itself from the larger chain branded hotels by offering personalized facilities, services, and accommodations (Pearce, 2012, p. 10-6). LOHAS is a ever growing market that people are willing to pay a little more to get the things they believe in. I would push to get the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Obtaining the LEED certification will give the hotel even more appeal to the growing green consumer market segment and also over time will save the hotel in operating cost which will allow the hotel to compete even more for business. Having a unique concept is a benefit when competing with the large branded hotel chains and the Good Hotel has a good thing going and since it’s good why change it?


Pearce, J., & Robinson, R. (2012). Strategic management: Planning for


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