Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Dish Network

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Competition in the Movie Rental Industry in 2008: Netflix and Blockbuster Battle for Market Leadership

2. What forces are driving changes in the movie rental industry and are the combined impacts of these driving forces likely to be favorable or unfavorable in term of their effects on competitive intensity and future industry profitability?

-The economy is one of the reasons why rental industry went down. Less people are able to rent a lot of movies.
-Second and main reason that drives the change is Internet and streaming of video. Suddenly on the market we have some companies they offer unlimited watching movies for same price. One of them is Netflix.

5. What is Netflix’s strategy? Which of the five generic competitive
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What 2-3 top priority issues does Netflix management need to address? What 2-3 top priority issues does Blockbuster management need to address?

Netflix; 1. Let people know about price difference low cost of Netflix service comparing with others 2. Expend Netflix service
Dish Network - Blockbuster 1. I would try to make Blockbuster streaming independent service. By doing this we can


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