The Ethics of the Wal-Mart Model

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The Ethics of the Wal-Mart Model There are many opinions on the ethics of the Wal-Mart model, both favourable and unfavourable. The article “ROB Ranks Wal-Mart Among Canada’s Best Employers” (McLachlan, 2009, pg. 287) offers a favourable viewpoint of the model, and the article “The Cost of Walmartization” (McLachlan, 2009, pg. 288) offers an opposing unfavourable view. This paper discusses the theoretical approaches used in each article, along with the supporting evidence that was used in an effort to be convincing.

“ROB Ranks Wal-Mart Among Canada’s Best Employers”
This article celebrates Wal-Mart being rated by ‘Report on Business Magazine’ among the top employers in Canada. The author uses a teleological approach in describing
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Personal Position
The article I find more convincing is the first one, “ROB Ranks Wal-Mart Among Canada’s Best Employers”. One reason is that the author bases the article on the well-known ’50 Best Employers in Canada’ ranking that is conducted annually by ‘Report on Business Magazine’. The ranking relies mainly on feedback from employee questionnaires, and the author uses quotes from one of Wal-Mart’s vice presidents to support the fact that their top-50 ranking was a result of employee feedback. More importantly, the article implies that being ranked among the top 50 Best Employers is not Wal-Mart’s ultimate goal and provides a quote from the vice president confirming that a ranking of number one is the goal. The author also discusses Wal-Mart’s efforts in promoting equal opportunity, and provides statistics of their success by emphasizing the growing number of female managers and female promotions to senior executive.

After analyzing these two articles, I would still shop at Wal-Mart. I support the combination of deontological and teleological approaches implied in article one – work towards an end goal while treating people as ends, not means. Although Wal-Mart has had numerous legal issues in the past related to workers’ rights and gender discrimination, I am


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