Fun with Dick and Jane

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“Fun with Dick and Jane” (2005)
Starring: Jim Carrey, Tea Leoni, and Alec Baldwin

In need of some light hearted entertainment and a good laugh, I chose the movie “Fun with Dick and Jane” for this assignment. “Fun with Dick and Jane” asks the common question, “What is the difference between a corporate crook and a bank robber?” The movie opens with Dick leaving his home in the picture perfect neighborhood in the year 2000. Dick is married to Jane and they have a son who is more or less being raised by the housekeeper, Blanca. The family is living in a culture of high powered, high paying jobs, high tech appliances and high stress living. Dick and Jane have it all and they can’t get enough of it.
The first ethical issue that is
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Both are unethical acts, so why criticize one and laugh at the other?
Are we to admire Dick and Jane for being so in sync with each other’s criminal tendencies? You would think that if a married couple came into hardship and one spouse were to even propose burglary as a way out, the other spouse would object the act out of pure ethics. However, these two actually enjoy themselves to the point of playing "dress-up." We not only question their rationality, we wonder at their hesitation of morals at all. They deem their circumstances justify stealing from others, in part because they feel cheated and stolen from themselves.
One more ethical issue is that of the CEO, Jack McAllister, stealing $400 million from the company and its employees but getting off scot-free. The CFO, Frank Bascombe, is fully aware of what Jack McAllister did but is not admitting it to the courts because he is being paid a hefty $10 million to “keep his mouth shut.” That is until he runs into Dick and Jane at a bar when he is inebriated and out of apparent guilt tells Dick what happened. At this point Frank, Dick and Jane come up with a plan on how to steal the money from Jack. The movie conveys to the audience that since the CEO stole money from his corporation and all the employees, it is okay to steal the money back from him.
All of these ethical issues that Dick and Jane encounter through the movie are solved by one act. After their grand plan of stealing the money


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