FootView 3D

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FootView 3D
1. Industry
The industry is a global footwear measurement industry. Globally, footwear retailing is fairly fragmented and highly competitive, although the market is dominated by large buying groups.
Core activities are value-adding services where the foot measuring products enhance the operations and marketing of the compatible footwear size and even procurement with cost savings information.
2. ConQ is a UK based research and development firm which aims to develop new market and product opportunities in footwear industry with their key product (Footview3D)
3. Product segment includes traditional tool, online tool, high tech tool and sophisticated data generating system.
4. The global footwear measurement industry is best
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4. Threats of substitute products: High and increasing
- The threat of substitutes is high and increasing, although this technology was developed by ConQ and the device was supported and maintained by ConQ. However, another competitor supplier’s technology of similar quality was not far away from being launched, this indicate that there are substitute for the particular input at lower costs. And due to increasing number of consumers purchasing their footwear online, online applications footwear tool is more readily accessible for this customer segment.
5. Rivalry among existing competitors: High and increasing
Rivalry among existing competitors is high and increasing as there are many players about the same size with similar strategies. There is not much differentiation between players and their products; hence, there is much price competition. Low market growth rates (growth of a ConQ is possible only at the expense of another competitor). Barriers for exit are high (e.g. expensive and highly specialized equipment).
Ansoff Classification
Diversification and market development
Market Development
ConQ’s approach to the exploring of new products and markets in the civilian (non-military) marketplace using the technology developed in defense could be viewed as a market development strategy as it offers ConQ a new market in which to operate. ConQ is a research and development firm for UK defence industry,


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