Female Genital Mutilation Essay

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Today alone 6000 girls around the world are being held down screaming, crying, and blacking out from the pain pleading for their elders to stop. Their voices fall on deaf ears as their right to sexual pleasure is sliced, chopped, pricked, scraped and burnt away. Female genital mutilation also known as female circumcision is the focus of my speech today. By the time I finish speaking, you will agree that this has got to stop! Today I will explain what FGM is; what are the effects of the procedure and why it is still being performed today. So going back.... What is female Genital Mutilation? FGM is a procedure of partial or total removal of the external female genitalia and/or injury to the female genital organs. There are four …show more content…

It is also believed that the males order the procedure because it enhances their sexual pleasure. It sickens me to think that the only reason Masai girls have the procedure is because the men do not like western ways, and want to keep their culture. This is understandable, except the fact that FGM is so a horrific. According to a Somali women living in New Zealand, “It is very hard for New Zealanders to understand circumcision. Many doctors don’t know how to look after us and tell us it is not normal – but in fact it is very normal for us. It is all we have ever known, and look forward to being circumcised from when you are very young – because it means we will be made like everyone else. Now that circumcision is illegal here – it is very difficult. We know all the terrible problems it brings and we want to stop it, but we are scared about what will happen to girls who are not circumcised; they might be promiscuous and that no-one will want to marry them. Most of us are refugees and it is very hard to change this tradition. Female genital Mutilation has got to stop! It will take a lot of government energy and co-operation from victims but it will happen. Girls and guys just think about it would you wish this upon yourself your wives/partners or anyone else. I think you know the answer.


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