South Delaware Coors, Inc. Case Study

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South Delaware Coors, Inc. Case Study

Mr. Larry Brownlow needs to decide whether or not to apply for the Coors distributorship in southern Delaware.

SWOT Analysis
This outlines the strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities and threats that will aid Mr. Brownlow in making a decision.
• Coors brand is a well established brand
• Product is profitable
• Socially Responsible and “ Green” organization
• There is a demand for the beer
• Mr. Brownlow (Manager) has a personality that suits this type of business
• The product is viewed as a quality product

• Time constraint
• Insufficient funds for an entire feasibility study
• Pressures of his studies

• To be the owner of a successful business
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It would be a waste of time and the money that he has already invested if he puts off completing his MBA to a later date when he is so close to completion. Having his MBA is important to Larry and he would be in a better position to operate and manage his own business with the attainment of his MBA whether the business is the Coors distributorship or not. Manson and Associates is a reputable firm known for producing quality work. If a feasibility study is needed to better equip Larry in making his decision that study ought to be of the highest quality. Larry does not have the money to conduct a thorough research but the firm of Manson and Associates owing to their experience and professionalism may be able to offer him guidance in terms of the particular researches that would better serve his needs. It is wiser and much more effective to have the best quality of information on the researches that he can afford than to have a mountain of information that is useless. The results of the study done by Manson and Associates will be based on facts because the results mean nothing to the firm. Whereas a study done by Larry may be unintentionally laced with his own subjectivity because he wants to own and operate his own business and wants the results to justify or vindicate a decision to accept the