Family Law

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Family law
Changes to family law as a response to changing values in the community/role of law reform in achieving just outcomes for family/ effectiveness of legal and non-legal responses in achieving just outcomes for family members
The family law act 1975 introduced major change to divorce law on 14 grounds of infidelity, cruelty and desertion. In 1975 saw a major reform in family law, as the family law act introduced no fault divorce meaning that neither party were to blame for the breakdown of the marriage. One party had to tell the other and separate for a period of 12 months, then apply for an application with family law court for dissolution of the marriage. The change in law was a reaction to changing social values depicted from
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1988 February, extended to include family members, ex partners, boyfriends and persons living in same household. 1990 saw legislation broadened to create an equivalent apprehended personal order for people fearing attack. In the 1990’s the family court recognised the higher risk of violence at times of separation and also the effect of violence upon children. Other remedies to deal with domestic violence include the use of ADVO’s, which attract media attention. Changes introduced in the family law reform act 1995 require the court to consider family violence and the impact on the residential parent of a child’s continued contact with violent ex. Criticism of this means that the children may be more exposed to domestic violence.

The family court of Australia was established in 1975 with its jurisdiction determined by section 51 of Australian constitution. Includes areas on marriage, divorce and children. The courts deal with matters relating to parenting cases involving multiple parties, child welfare and or allegation of sexual, physical abuse and family violence. Parenting cases where the orders sought have the effect of preventing a parent from communicating with or spending time with a child, international child and abduction and financial cases involve multiple parties or issues. The establishment of Family Relationship Centres in 2006 and the operation of the Federal


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