Therm Eze

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S. No. | Title | 1. | Introduction | 2. | Company Background | 3. | Product (Description and Cost Analysis) | 4. | Statistics | 5. | Focus Groups | 6. | Strengths and Weaknesses | 7. | Recommendations | 8. | Conclusion | 9. | References |


* Written By:- William A. Preshing
Denise Walters. * Organization:- Tanner Company. * Product:- THERM-EZE. * Primary Focus:- Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning. * Secondary Focus:- Channels and Channel Management, Pricing Strategy. * Task Identification:- To Develop a Strategy for an unchanged market.


Mr. Tanner owned the Tanner Company, which operated three businesses in western Canada – a
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PRICE Cost Effective.

OUTLET Private Clinics. Hospitals.
Safety and Reliability. Temperature Control specially for older people with sensitive skin.


USES Useful where heat is the treatment medium. Used in case of Hypothermia. Good potential for in-home use.

Should be cost effective.

Private Clinics.
Convenient. Safety due to constant temperature.

STRENGTHS * The Tanner Company has enough money to support taking on a new venture like Therm-eze. Tanner also shows that he is understands and is fully informed on how to start a business and where the money should go. He also hired a marketing manager with experience which will help launch the product. * Easy to Use: No other device required to operate. * Portability: Pad can be easily carried. * Safety: Vinyl bags are made of good material * Weight: Less weight. * Controlled Temperature: Fixed temperature settings. * Reusable: Can be reused 1000 times.

WEEKNESSES * Although Mr. Tanner has knowledge of where to put the finances in place he is not spending the time to understand the labor issues with making the product. * Also he hired Richard McKay who does have experience in launching new products to the Canadian market but he may not have experience in the medical field which may cause problems in the future success of the business. * Time required making


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